Transition 2.0

I seem to start a lot of these posts off with the words ‘it’s been a busy’. I’m not sure whether that’s because I’m linguistically limited or whether it just seems that there’s always something going on. Don’t get me wrong though, to be occupied and challenged in doing something that you love is a great problem to have.

This week kicked off with Transition Darebin’s AGM. It’s interesting how the corporate world sometimes intrudes into what should be a fairly counter-culture sort of movement, but the need to hold an AGM, to elect position holders is one of these occasions. It was a great night where we had some really great discussions around the future of Transition Darebin. I’m always really impressed at the liberation of creativity and energy that occurs when you have a group of people who share complimentary passions. When it’s shared over food and drink even better. We also got a chance to see a new film ‘Transition 2.0’.

As you can see this film goes through a whole series of stories about transitions that different cities are making. From permaculture in Africa, electronic local currency in Brixton, community solar power generation, sustainable festivals in Japan, reclaiming community through urban agriculture in the US and many more. It’s a great start to the conversation of where to from here which we’re going to continue in another ‘Transition in the Pub’ in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to share a couple of the activities and really get people thinking about what the future could be like in our town.