Moomba, cargo bike style

Okay in reality this has little to do with treading lightly, or changing the way we live in general, but it involves a cargo bike so I figure that means it’s worthy of blogging about. Moomba, I read on their website, is one of Australia’s largest community festivals and always involves, amongst other things, a carnival and water skiing. It also features a birdman competition where people tape various things to themselves and jump off a platform in the vain hope of drifting a little, or at the very least giving people a bit of a laugh.

But what would any festival be without a parade. It was in relation to this parade that the call went out for cargo bikers to participate and I’ve got to say I jumped at it. Sadly our black-bike was black-listed (I’m not sure why but they didn’t want any black bikes!) so my thoughts around subversion and some well placed environmental messages never became reality. It was however a great opportunity to get together with some other cargo bikers and show people another way of getting around.Moomba Bike Did anyone notice our environmental transport alternative? well yeh they clapped and cheered but that may well have been because it was almost 40 degrees and we were spraying the crowd with water. Either way it was a fun day and our little squadron of 5 bikes looked awesome riding side by side.5 bikes