Goodbye phone books

No more phone books. We cancelled our delivery just in time, and this week watched the dropoffs go right past our place! I get that these things used to be really useful and probably still are for lining garden beds, propping up monitors for tall people and for furniture in student housing, but really their time has passed. According to Sensis there are about 10 million phone books in circulation nationally. Most of them are recycled or used for the above uses but there are still a whole heap (800,00 as estimated by the ABC science website) that simply go to landfill. So maybe now is a time to take a minute, think about when the last time you used the phone book. If you struggle to answer the question then that’s probably a pretty good sign that you don’t really need it. If that applies to you then get on to enter your postcode and cancel book delivery. It just doesn’t get any easier to reduce waste than that!

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