Party Time !

We recently had a great cause for celebration – the kids birthdays! Conveniently their birthdays are 4 days apart and it wasn’t hard to convince them to combine the celebrations – not with sustainability in mind – more like saneability.

A few ideas and requests were taken on board, such as location, age appropriate games, gifts and of course the cake. I have often dreamt of being a fabulous cake and muffin baking guru, but historically the minute any baking requiring attention to detail, icing and messy cake mixture appears in front of me, I immediately lose my rag and abandon the project. This time I settled on baking the cake, figuring that people won’t really eat that (it took 2 days to bake what was effectively a drum covered in flouro green icing) and outsourced the fabulous baking of muffins to my collegue Michelle

Michelle was completely happy for me to complicate the process by allowing me to provide the ingredients. I sourced the eggs and the carrots from our garden, the flour, baking powder and walnuts and butter were all from Victoria and purchased using our own containers. I struggled more so with the icing sugar as it was from NZ, but packaged in a brown paper bag. So far I had avoided the big supermarket chains and was sourcing everything from some of our favourite “health/organic” stores. However I came a bit unstuck with the following items:

Dates – I could not find locally produced dates. Apparently we have a huge export market here in Aus, but you can’t actually buy them in Australia. I ended up buying organic dates, from the US. Cream cheese (Kraft Philli) was the final thing on my list and I had run out of time. Convenience reigned supreme as I was already at Coles hunting down CSR golden syrup and brown sugar. I aim to keep an eye out for these products in more local, unpackaged form for future use.

The entertainment was a very sweet, though a little overly solid,  elephant piñata, that Paul and the kids had lovingly made over the previous weeks. Filled with sweets from Stillwater sweets Australia. Aussie made, gluten free, generally old-school sweets that arrived in the loveliest barrel, which the kids now use to store their crayons. We didn’t give out lollybags – instead encouraging each child to make themselves a badge or magnet using the badgemaker borrowed from the local Community Centre.

When we mixed in some supreme weather, a beautiful park and loads of excited kids the result was fabulous.